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BEIJING, June 30 (Xinhua) -- A new regulation released Friday by the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) has ordered strict examination of online video programs, curbing videos related to terrorism, superstition, and homosexuality.

The regulation requires all online audio-visual service providers to establish a "check first" principle and carefully examine content before airing.

Video providers should allocate at least three professional censors for each drama, film or animation, and the censors must watch these programs from the very beginning to the end, according to the regulation.

The providers should adhere to the correct political and aesthetic standards, and produce programs that center on the people and promote socialist values and Chinese culture.

They are banned from producing or playing online visual-audio programs containing content that violates the laws and religious policies, jeopardizes national interest, incites ethnic hatred or infringes privacy.

Scenes that damage national image, derogate revolutionary leaders, propagate military conquests of ancient emperors or spread religious extremism must be cut or deleted, as must those that highlight violence and murder, narcotics, gambling, and superstitions such as conjuring spirits and reincarnation, it stipulated.

Porn and vulgar content must also be deleted, according to the regulation, which lists prostitution, rape and extramarital affairs.

Videos demonstrating "abnormal" sex relations or acts, such as incest, homosexuality, and sexual abuse or violence must also be removed, it stipulated.

Censors should reject extravagant banquets and reckless and blind worship for celebrities.

Programs will be banned from airing if the content violations are serious.

Providers that violate the regulations will receive punishment varying from public criticism to being reported to law enforcement for further investigation.

The CNSA is a national association established in 2011, with more than 600 members including the state broadcaster China Central Television,, and China Film Co., Ltd, according to its profile.

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